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Welcome to my site! This site contains a variety of projects and assignments demonstrating valuable skills and knowledge I’ve obtained from my undergrad and graduate programs.

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Here’s a quick look at some of the work I’ve created.


One of my many passions is photography this is a quick example of one of the many photos I’ve taken as a undergraduate.


This is a project board on my undergraduate capstone that give a brief description on what the project is about if you’d like to learn more check out he capstone section.


In my graduate program for obtaining my certificate we’ve been using a coding site called posit cloud where we are given information about a company such as this one being L.L.Bean and we are tasked to help make certain predictions that could benefit the company.

About Me

My name is Colin Weed, I’m currently attending the University of Maine In Orono. I’m currently in my 5th year of college working on completing my graduate program for an analytics certificate.

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My Work Showcase?

Creative Showcase

Here’s a quick link that will bring you to some of my best work I’ve accomplished throughout my college career.

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